This is a blog where I state my opionin on the tumblr famous motherfuckers.

Anonymous: shes not famous but ithrewatambourineatyourface is fuckin dumb !!

Hey, dont go on anon tell us to burn you so you can get followers.

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Anonymous: You Must Have Like 2 Followers Lml

try 500

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Anonymous: what do you think of avi0oola or whatever

She is fugly .

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Anonymous: It seems that "shut the fuck up" is your favorite insult. Funny thing is, when you use that insult in text form it kinda loses its meaning. See when you are reading no one is actually speaking, therefore no one can be told to shut up. Just thought you would want to know so you can better equip yourself with better insults.

shut that SHIT up .

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fictioningrey: It really warms my heart to see children doing such constructive things with their free time. Maybe you should find a new hobby, though. Something more suited to your IQ. Maybe LEGO or Barbie dolls?

Legos … barbie dolls? FIRST OFF BITCH , Im not 8 years old. You can shut the fuck.

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Anonymous: So I get your "stating your opinion" but I mean bashing people on tumblr? Come on bro, your just trying to get attention and become tumblr famous. So congratulations, for bashing people for their own personality.


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boringfourchordprogression-deac: Oh dear, I feel really, really sad for you. Whoever runs this blog tries to hide behind a hardass front, but it's clear to anyone who sees it that you're just a scared, insecure little baby. You must have gone through something really difficult to use your time hiding behind a computer criticizing people. This life is precious; you should use it to lift people up, not bring them down. Spread love, not hate. Just think about it.

bitch , shut the fuck up . This aint no front, this is the way I am THUG LIKE BITCH !

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Meet: Khads : Okay, first ew. This bitch look like Loretta from family guy. I know her back hurt because her titties so damn big they must weigh a ton. Smh, her titties are the biggest thang on her body. NOTE I said titties because titties sag and this bitch have a real case of saggy titties. She posted a picture of her in a 2 piece swim suit *gags* ugh, her muffin top is NOT CUTE! As big as you are yo fat ass need to have on a damn 1 piece with a topper. She thank she the shit .. no bitch you look like SHIT .

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Not only is Avi0o0ola ugly but she is a undercover lesbo. She is gay. I know she is for a fact.

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Meet : SelyLovesTheSky / Selena : She looks like you will pick her ass up at walmart in the toy section. She looks so innocent and sweet. If you were to just look at her picture you would be fooled and think she is just the SWEETEST bitch walking. BUT , Since we’re burning her … something HAS to be wrong with the barbie doll ! SHE IS A FUCKING BITCH , she is RUDE to her followers , she is obnoxious and FUCKING DRAMATIC. She gets on youtube and cries about this nigga who CLEARLY DOESN’T WANT HER. Cry us a river , build a fucking bridge and GET OVER IT. I dont think it is natural for someone to be on their period EVERYDAY… because SOMETHING has to have you this FUCKING emotional. YOU should GET THAT SHIT CHECKED. Cry baby ass.

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